Quest for Liberty

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


For the last few days the "Legality of the Income Tax" e-group has been operating under the following terms:

"The moderator is continuing to focus the discussion on this board.

Please provide a one-word answer to each of the following questions.

Only answers to the following seven questions [or to the Questions in
post 26356] will be posted to this group during the next few days.

Only answers with the single word "Admit" or "Deny" will be posted."

Focus discussion?

What discussion?

Only being able to answer with "admit" or "deny" is not a "discussion".

It is a belligerent format, at best a hostile poll, at worst an inquisition.

When it comes to the Internal Revenue Code, what have I either to admit or deny to?

I didn't write it and I don't enforce it, why must I answer with "admit" or "deny"?

Sometimes things happen that just make me shake my head.......