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Friday, January 30, 2004

Thursday, January 29, 2004

A link to today's interview with Larkin Rose on Veritas Radio is now at hearliberty.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The interview with Joe Banister on the Clark Howard show is now archived at

Monday, January 26, 2004

I added the first non-audio file to hearliberty.
Is is a scanned copy of an interview with former ISR commissioner T. Coleman Andrews in US News and World Report, May 25, 1956.
Mr. Andrews condemned the income tax and predicted it would lead to a dictatorship.
Smart man!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

I returned home about midnight last night from the WTP conference.
It was excellent!
There was so much to hear it was almost an information overload.
I was not able to do any taping so I will have to wait to get a hard copy from Mike Bodine when it is available.
I will put up excerpts from the conference, it will be tough deciding which parts to put up, but without a doubt Alan Keyes speech Friday night will be at the top of the list.
Mr Keyes is the most dynamic orator of our time and he delivered one hell of a speech on income tax.
I found myself in very interesting company at times, at lunch Thursday I found myself at the table with Mark Lane directly across from me, Arch McColl to his left, Irwin Schiff to my left and Paul Chappell on my right, WOW what an interesting discussion that was!
Joe Banister and John Turner are always so nice when we meet, they always have a big smile and greet me as if we were old friends (I guess we are by now) with a "Hi Dave, it's good to see you again!"
They both had very nice things to say about and expressed appreciation for the website.
Sherry Jackson and her fine family were all there, they are the type of people that will save this nation.
I was able to meet Hutton Gibson and his wife also.
Larry Becraft has also become a friend and we talked quite a bit.
Charlie Beall, Mike Bodine, Devvy Kidd, Burr Dietz, and Devvy Kidd, and of course Bob Schulz always make me feel right at home.
Judy Schulz was there this time, I haven't seen her in years and it was good to see her looking so well.
I got to meet Lynda Wall, and Vicky and Richard Osborn this time and get to know them pretty well.
Paul Chappell and I have been close friends for years, I carried him to the meeting, where we shared a room, and assisted him with moving around, Paul is legally blind and needs help, which I was delighted to give.
I learned much about the Dick Simkanin trial(s) and the behind the scenes goings on, what a story!
I met Phil Hart, author of "Constitutional Income, Do You Have Any?"
I was finally able to meet Fred Smart after speaking with him so many times on the phone, Fred is first class all the way!
Joe Sobran was a speaker several times and he was fantastic!
I will write more later, like I said there as almost too much to absorb.