Quest for Liberty

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Recommended Reading:
While looking (in vain) for any evidence of income taxes at the time of the revolution and just afterward, as referred to by Brian Rookard, I ran across this gem:
A Brief Income Tax History
During my search I could find only one mention of an income tax before 1862, it said an emergency income tax was briefly adopted during the War of 1812.

Monday, January 19, 2004

I am going to rephrase the first question I asked below to:
!. How much of your earnings do you have an absolute right to?

I appreciate the comments on the money issue, but that is not the core issue, I don't care if you are paid in real dollars, federal reserve notes, or chickens.
How much do you have an absolute right to?
Slaves have no right to the fruits of their labor.
This is a question that goes to the nature of our relationship to the government, be it state or federal.
It is a question that should give pause to all but the most die-hard socialists.
I had a visit today from a man I have known for many years but had not seen in a while.
He is now retired from a life of service in the Virginia State Police.
He is, in my opinion, a very fine man, from what I know he always did his job with a great deal of respect for the people he dealt with in his duties of enforcing the law.
I was trying, as I am unfortunately prone to do, to tell him of the many things I have learned since we last talked and when the subject of taxation came up he grimaced and said "Well, taxes are a heavy burden but you know what he Bible says about rendering unto Caesar...".
"But Don" I said "we are not supposed to have a Caesar!"
"And don't you think that our forefathers who fought for our freedom, many of whom studied the Bible in Latin and Greek were not familiar with that biblical quotation?", I continued.
"Don, how much of what you earn do you have a right to keep?" I asked.
"I don't know", he said "I guess about 12 or 14 thousand dollars and whatever deductions I am allowed"
Whoa!" I said " I didn't asked you about what you are allowed to keep, I want to know how much of what you earn you have an absolute right to! Remember that the definition of a slave is one with no rights to the fruit of his labor"
The look on his face was priceless.
He "got it", if even for only a brief moment.
It is, in all reality, an all or nothing type of deal.